Land of the Descendants - Front Cover

Land of the Descendants

Chembo Corniel Quintet

Our world today is a kaleidoscope of diverse musical expressions from familiar and distant cultures that are being shared to further enrich and enhance our great music. As my musicianship evolves, I am further drawn to explore other musical ideas, eager to find new challenges to push the boundaries and to test my own ability. As a veteran of this art form, I am proud to embrace and transmit what has been passed on to me. It is with this in mind, that I humbly present my latest project, Land Of The Descendants …a reflection of the here and now, deeply rooted in the African-based rhythms and Nuyorican Jazz. It is my contribution to the growing body of work that represents our musical heritage.

The creativity of the musicians and personnel on this project far surpassed my expectations and the result is a product that I hope will be pivotal in the forever changing face of Latin Jazz in New York City. I am truly indebted to my musicians and to you, my fans and friends. Thank you for your dedication to this project, and for your love and respect.

Wilson “Chembo” Corniel, Jr.
February, 2016