Chemboro Records Inc

Chemboro Records

Chemboro Records Poster
Photo by Jack Roman
Digital Art: Evi Marchany

CHEMBORO RECORDS, INC. was formed in May 18, 2004 by Wilson “Chembo” Corniel to give you the BEST quality In Latin Jazz music. We always use the best studios and engineers to ensure the maximum clarity of sound is delivered to your ears. The duplicators, printing and packaging companies always give the highest possible quality in the finished product. Our products feature creative design and photography by Andrea Corniel, Jerry Lacay and Jack Roman. The company boasts a selective catalog comprising some of the most impressive recordings in Latin Jazz today. We are always looking forward to our next project, and hopefully you are too!

“This is wonderful work from top to bottom, and I can’t remember a newly released Latin-Jazz album I’ve enjoyed this much. It’s energetic but heavily romantic and furtively old-fashioned.” – Marc Meyers,

“This CD will surely be met with critical acclaim for its ability to transcend yet incorporate so many genres and styles of Jazz and Latin music.” – Cathy Gruenfelder, Jazz Improv Magazine