The Educator


Wilson “Chembo” Corniel & “Grupo Chaworo”
Children’s Latin Jazz workshop / performance

1. Explain what type of music we are performing for them today.
2. Describe each instrument and its origin, ex: piano, bass, drums, saxophone, congas & assorted percussion instruments, etc.
3. Play each instrument separately to identify the different sounds that they produce.
4. The band plays 3-5 different styles of rhythms (mambo, cha cha cha, bomba, plena, bolero, merengue, etc.) We then explain where each rhythm came from.
5. I’ll have an assortment of different percussive instruments to show how each is played.
6. Interaction with the children (children will get a chance to play these instruments with the band).
7. We will close out by playing one or two songs.
8. Q & A